HOT Amazon Cloud Cam

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Amazon has rolled out a new update to its cloud cam security camera range adding a number of new features tweaks and enhancements available to purchase priced at $120. The Amazon Cloud cam security camera has been designed to function with Alexa and now includes notifications and detection alerts via echo devices.

The latest update enables customers to now opt-in to receive motion and person detection alerts on any Amazon echo device they wish on the screen based echo devices such as the echo show and echo spot notifications and alerts will pop up on the screen while on the echo and echo dot Alexa’s ring will glow yellow. Owners can also ask Alexa for notifications using commands such as Alexa what are my notifications or Alexa play my notifications.

Settings for notification frequency can be adjusted using the official cloud cam application. Amazon has also added the ability to turn on Cloud cam security cameras using the Alexa voice control service by simply saying Alexa turn on Cloud cam. Other new features include the ability to use a browser-based web interface to check your camera feeds from anywhere allowing owners to keep an eye on things from a computer or similar when perhaps a smartphone isn’t a convenient option.

Feeds can be viewed by simply logging into cloud cam amazon.com.  Amazon has also added a new two-way audio feature on the echo show and echo spot systems allowing you to use the microphone in the lower right-hand corner of your apps screen to talk through one of your security.

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